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Terms and Conditions


In this agreement, the following words shall have these meanings assigned to them. CitiRental, Kar Dok, United Leasing are the trading names of Maintrack Services Ltd, whose registered office is situated at 99 Avenue Road, London NW3 5EJ and referred to throughout as the Owner or Renter. A copy of this agreement can be requested at

HIRER | Hiring party described as such overleaf – also referred to as the Hirer, Driver, Renter All elements of this agreement apply to Hirer and Driver equally and to the vehicle(s) described overleaf or any replacement thereof. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties hereto. No variation shall be binding unless agreed in writing by the Owner. There is no guarantee implied or otherwise as to the supply of any vehicle make, model, group, specification, colour, additional equipment.

INVOICE/BILLING | a single inclusive invoice indicating all the chargeable items included in this contract will be delivered by e-mail sent to the Hirer at the address given.

CHECK SHEET | A schematic reproduction of the vehicle on which pre-rental damage upon which the Owners rely to identify fresh damage caused during the term of the hire Hirers and/or Driver’s signature verifies its accuracy and is the sole reference as to the state of the vehicle at inception of the hire.

DRIVERS NOTES | supplemental advice & instructions handed to Hirer being an integral part of this agreement.

INSURANCE. The Owner acts as a tacit agent of the apposite insurance company, exclusively administering all aspects of insurance either itself or via an appointed agent.

GENDER | ‘his’ or ‘her’ gender

TITLE | Hirer acknowledges the Owners irrefutable absolute title to the vehicle.

THE VEHICLE | is handed over in good condition, save present body defects marked on the check sheet. The vehicle will be returned to the Owner in the same condition. Owner reserves exclusive right to moderate any damage sustained during the rental period or chargeable under the conditions of accident damage excess (ADXS) (Deductible)

CREDIT CARD CHARGES AND REFUNDS | Normally undertaken within 4 working days of vehicle return. The actual time taken to refund is dictated by your card provider, who must be consulted as to the progress of the refund and/or charge. The contact number is on the reverse of the card used for the transaction. Due to GDPR, Privacy and personal ID reasons any enquiry of any nature must be emailed to – there is no telephone facility available to discuss the any aspect of the agreement.

TAKING PRECAUTIONS | to take every step necessary to keep the vehicle safe, secure, and out of harm’s way and when parking and driving. To prevent damage, stow all goods carried in the vehicle out of sight (in boot), so the vehicle is not a target for theft or vandalism. Hirer indemnifies Owner from responsibility/liability for any goods or substances carried in or on the vehicle. The Owner is not liable for any costs in respect to faults caused by the driver. The Hirer agrees the Owner has no liability or responsibility whatsoever and howsoever for any injury, loss or damage arising howsoever caused from the use of the vehicle, nor shall the Owner be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage in connection with the use of the vehicle. The Hirer is liable for any damage or consequences caused by overloading the vehicle.

RENTAL DAY | computed as multiples of 24 hours and ends 24 hours after inception – the Hirer is bound to return the vehicle on the due date, time, and place from whence it was hired. If the vehicle is returned late, there is a 30-minute grace period after which a new rental day is payable in full. All timekeeping is measured by devices exclusively operated by the Owner. If the vehicle is returned earlier than agreed there is no refund. Rentals are computed strictly on time/mileage noted on the rental agreement. Vehicles returned out of office hours.
(mentioned elsewhere in these terms and conditions) will be checked in on the next opening time. Rental terminates when keys are placed in drop box and a termination telephone call made to the owner on 0203 950 2295 and the ignition key placed in the return drop box. If no termination call is made or key not returned rental continues to the next official opening time.

UNINSURED DRIVING | only those with written permission from the Owner may drive the vehicle. If any person is identified as an unauthorized driver all insurance is automatically rendered null and void from inception of the rental. Any damage claims will be directed to the Hirer. Uninsured Driver administration fee £950.00.


  • (i) are held open for 1 hour after the agreed pick-up time (excluding office closing times) whereupon the booking is deemed a ‘no-show’ attracting a charge of £45.00
  • (ii) Bookings cancelled within 24 hrs of agreed pick-up time charged at daily rate.
  • (iii) Bookings may be cancelled without notice or an alternative group arranged up to 48 hrs before agreed collection time (7 days prior to a UK bank holiday) – Any booking is subject to availability. If a vehicle is unavailable, an alternative will be offered. The Owner has the unequivocal right. under this agreement, in the case of unforeseen circumstances to cancel the booking any time up to 2 hours before scheduled pick-up.
  • (iv) The Owner also retains the unmitigated right to refuse a rental at any time prior to collection without giving a reason for the decision to do so.

INSURANCE PREMIUM | A large percentage of the rental fee includes insurance premiums. Non-payment of the rental fee is deemed non-payment of the insurance premium. Nonpayment of any part of the rental fees invalidates insurance cover from inception of the hire. If there is no insurance cover, no benefit or protection can be claimed under the insurance policy. Insurance is integrally linked to the credit/charge card used to pay the rental fee. . If the card ceases to function for any reason or, importantly, is the subject of a charge-back by the Hirer, insurance becomes null & void from the inception of the agreement. Insurance content (VAT 0%) of the rental fee is averaged out at £29.00 per day. VAT is computed on the balance.


  • (i) Hire & Reward (paid or unpaid)
  • (ii) transporting persons for business or political use, courier, or transportation of another’s goods as a service (paid or unpaid)
  • (iii) Racing, pace making, rallying, speed testing, driving tuition, propelling, or towing any vehicle, trailer or object which renders insurance and emergency assistance void. The Hirer shall compensate the Owner in full for any losses sustained by the Owner for noncompliance with the insurance policy – details available at
  • (iv) whose licence expires.
  • (v) By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any nature. Any claim whatsoever arising where the driver is found to have any quantity of alcohol or unprescribed drugs whatsoever in his system, insurance cover will be rendered null & void from the inception of the agreement.
  • (vi) By any person who has given an incorrect name, age or address, used a false or stolen driving licence or I.D. to procure the vehicle and/or has not been approved by the Owner.

TRAVEL OUT OF THE LAND MASS OF ENGLAND | SCOTLAND | WALES. is expressly forbidden without the written consent of the Owner. No insurance coverage is provided or implied without said consent. £950 Admin fee in breach of this condition.


  • (i) requires written consent from the Owner and attracts £95.00 surcharge.
  • (ii) £250.00 admin fee and voids insurance from inception without said written consent. Consequential loss to the vehicle or to any other party is payable by the Hirer who indemnifies the Owner against all loss, seizure, recovery, and vehicle reinstatement costs.

FOREIGN LICENCES | The law is open to interpretation. Drivers Are advised to seek advice from your local police station, Citizens Advice Bureau or go to

HIRER WILL PAY OWNER AND ASSIGNS ON DEMAND for all rental fees including, fixed penalty admin, penalty charge notices/police enquiries (PCN’s) refuelling charges, chargeback fees, accident damage excess (ADXS), extension of hire, fuel and any other contractual fees. The Hirer will compensate the Owner in full and on demand for any loss suffered in respect to any damage (from any cause), fire, theft to or from the vehicle, including loss of revenue (at the same rate noted overleaf)

PET POLICY | any animal residue will be professionally cleaned, cost – £195.00.

INSURANCE | forfeited from inception if any claim, accident or incident is not reported inwriting to the Owner within 48 hours of the occurrence. Driver is contractually bound to competently make locus sketches, plans, notes, photos and record name(s) addresses &telephone numbers of all parties and witnesses – failure to competently complete an official incident report form provided by the Owner within 24 hours of the incident will be subject to an administration fee of £595.00. A fundamental element of this agreement is hirer/driver shall not admit, utter, or imply liability/guilt under any circumstances. Any comment whatsoever by the driver is not binding on the Owner or their Insurers and any consequences or outcomes of them. Owner/insurers shall not be prejudiced/influenced by any comment/statement. Hirer/Driver holds himself personally liable/accountable for any comment made. For the avoidance of doubt, the Hirer/Driver is personally accountable for any utterance and disassociates the Owner/Insurers from them. If he wishes to avoid this outcome, he should not make any comment whatsoever. Driver must inform Owner in writing within 24 hrs of receiving a driving endorsement issued pursuant to the issue of a Share Code failing which the insurers may cancel cover. INSURANCE COVER IS WITHDRAWN from inception of the agreement if the drivers found to have any trace of alcohol or illegal drugs in his system.

FUEL POLICY | vehicles may be rented short of fuel. Return the vehicle with approximately the same fuel level as commencement. If low fuel warning light is showing sufficient fuel will be added at a cost of £65.00 to cancel the low fuel light plus a charge for the cost of bringing the fuel gauge back to the level as the checkout agreement. No credits or refunds will be made for fuel left in the vehicle above the level on commencement of hire. If the vehicle is signed out with a full tank of fuel – it must be returned full failing which the tank will be topped up at a cost of £3.00 per litre.

PERSONAL INSURANCE | No insurance (implied or otherwise) is provided by the Owner or its insurers for death, personal injury or medical expenses and personal losses connected to the vehicle. The Owner recommends the Hirer, and passengers take out personal insurance to cover all such eventualities. Owner suggests Insure & Go. Com

VEHICLE KEYS | Hirer/driver shall not permit or give up the keys to any person and ensure the keys are not left in a place where they may be accessed by any owner non-approved entity If the vehicle is stolen or taken pursuant to losing control of the keys the Hirer must compensate the Owner for all consequential losses. The vehicle will remain on hire until it is recovered. The Hirer will compensate the Owner for any loss by the Owner. £450.00 admin fee – losing possession of the key(s) – Hirer liable for the cost of lost, stolen, or mislaid keys charged by the manufacturer together with any consequential losses, including transportation of replacements. The Hirer will, on demand, disclose the whereabouts of the vehicle and keys and hereby gives his/her authorisation to the Owner and its agents to enter onto any property deemed to be in the Hirer or driver’s control for the purpose of retrieving the vehicle/keys.

RENTAL EXTENSIONS Hirers must Call 0207 722 6666, or text 07958 133 446 or email the owner requesting an extension of hire, quoting agreement and registration number if office is closed. If no request is made or extension not granted insurance will cease on the date and time noted on the hire agreement. To validate the extension: Owner will issue an extension code. Owner is not bound to provide any make, model, specification, or colour of vehicle. If a vehicle becomes faulty or incapacitated during the period of hire for any reason, the rental will cease. The Owner is under no obligation to provide a replacement vehicle. The Hirer shall not sell, pledge, or permit ANY lien on the vehicle. A refund of any charge where there is no duplication of charges is not permitted.

A LEVY OF 10% PER MONTH or part thereof for any money owed by the Hirer to the Owner. There is no financial set-off between the Owner and the Hirer.

RENTAL REQUIREMENTS | All drivers must present the Owner on or before commencement of hire – a driver’s licence (valid for more than 2 years prior to the rental). Hirer to present an original form of address ID, e.g., utility account (less than two months old) and a working payment card. Non-Compliance – the reservation will be regarded as a ‘No Show’, and the appropriate fee imposed.

OWN INSURANCE (COI) If you use or own insurance cover it must be comprehensive with no more than £350.00 (accident damage excess) ADXS. The Owner must see evidence of and approve insurance cover before the commencement of hire. Third Party Insurance is included in the rental rate.

INSURANCE ACCIDENT DAMAGE EXCESS (ADXS) | is £1,600.00 per accident, incident, or damage claim, reduced to £395.00 per incident/claim in consideration of a fee of £15.00 per day or part thereof. Windscreen Damage Waiver is available £7.95 per day.

AA – RAC SERVICE | The cost of call out is not payable by the Owner if the issue is the fault/liability of the Hirer, Renter or Driver, a third party or involves damage to tyres, wheels, or any driver-induced fault or damage.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE | cover is available for £5.00 per day or part thereof. The cost of any call out is not payable by the Owner if the issue/ incident is driver liability, driver induced fault or damage of any nature to tyres or wheels. Mis-Fuelling charge £195.00 plus the cost of call out/assistance and topping up.

HIRER/DRIVER/RENTER, INDEMNIFIES OWNER | The Hirer/Driver/Renter hereby indemnify the Owner for all and every action; consequence, incident, or accident while the vehicle is in the Hirer’s legal charge free from all and any legal, civil, criminal action contemplated, threatened, or taken against the owner and its assigns for any reason whatsoever. The Hirer indemnifies and renders the Owner free from liability for all and any actions of/by
the driver under any circumstances whatsoever and for any damage or accident howsoever caused. In the event of damage being identified, a reinstatement invoice will be prepared by an Owner nominated independent assessor designated by the Owner (cost £95.00) if requested.

CARD CHARGEBACKS | Due to the high cost of managing credit/debit cards. Chargeback and declined charges the following fees will apply:
(i) £395.00 for each chargeback
(ii) £49.95 for each declined charge.
(iii) £595.00 on account of legal collection fees.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD LIABILITY Hirer agrees to hire the vehicle in accordance with these terms & conditions and affirms payment is by card and his signature on the hire agreement and/or PIN constitutes unconditional, irrevocable authority to charge the card tendered for the hire agreement from time to time offered in consideration of all contractual fees, costs, and charges rendered by the Owner. These terms and conditions shall apply equally to a

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD LIABILITY (Cont.) PROXY CARD PAYER. The hirer’s signature on the agreement instructs the card company to pay the Owner all fees and charges under the terms of the hire agreement or invoice submitted by the Owner. In the event of the vehicle being rendered unusable or any reason whatsoever or howsoever caused, including accident, seizure, breakdown or clamping, the agreement will terminate & be voided from the commencement of the hire. Any pre-payment is not refundable. This agreement shall not exceed 90 days in duration, whereupon the Hirer must re- negotiate a fresh agreement.

EXTENSION RACK RATES | unless otherwise agreed in writing in the absence of an extension number, these daily rates will apply | Grp A – £65.00 | Grp B £75.00 | Grp C £85.00 Grp D – £95.00 | Grp E £95.00 | Grp F £95.00 | Grp X £75.00 | Grp Y £85.00 | Grp Z £95.00 payable to the owner daily until vehicle is returned.

LATENT MANAGEMENT FEE | £395.00 administration fee in the event the vehicle is not returned to the Owner in the same condition as inception or additional fees required in respect to rental extension and/or latent fees included under this agreement. The fee contributes towards contractual charges, costs and fees included in this agreement. Rental/extension and additional fees are charged on an ongoing basis. Latent management fees may be recharged at the Owners instance or regularly renewed as necessary.

INDEMNITY | Hirer/Renter will unreservedly absolve and indemnify the Owner for any financial, legal, political, civil, criminal repercussions or consequential costs of any nature whatsoever or howsoever arising in respect to this agreement and/or the use of the vehicle.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS | are severally and equally bound by the terms of this agreement without exception. subject to a proposal endorsed by the Owner and additional driver fee of £55.00 per driver per rental.

(i) drive into the garage – park in any marked bay
(ii) return key to green drop box (see drivers notes) found at the entrance to the garage. (iii) Telephone 0203 950 2295 This is a digital number which, when called, closes the rental. No call? Rental remains open until next working day.

Monday to Friday 0800 – 1800
Saturdays 08:00 – 13:00
Sundays & Bank Holidays – Closed.

OUT OF HOURS PICK-UP & RETURN SUPPLEMENT | Any rental commencing or returned out of Business Hours is subject to a supplemental service fee of £35.00 towards providing additional facilities.

VEHICLE CONDITION. The Owner reserves the sole right to determine the extent & cost of unreasonable wear and tear and assess the extent of professional cleaning and repairs if deemed necessary by the Owner.

(i) The underside, tyres, and roof are not included in the insurance waiver.
(ii) Additional drivers £55.00 per rental.
(iii) Sat Nav rental £20.00 p/day
(iv) Uninsured driver surcharge – £795.00 per unauthorised driver

CHARGES AND INVOICES | are subject to final audit. The incoming condition (bodywork, interior and mechanical) is subject to a RE-RENTAL INSPECTION PROGRAMME scheduled as soon as possible after the return of a vehicle, following which the invoice will be prepared. All items & vehicle damage will be accounted for.

PENALTY CHARGE NOTICES (PCN) The Hirer/Renter/Driver explicitly permits the Owner its Assigns, partners, and agents to identify him to any authorised authority in respect to and regarding transfer or liability and/or payment of the cost/fees of a PCN in accordance with the terms of
(i) Section 66 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988
(ii) S66 Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988,
(iii) Schedule 6 Road Traffic Act 1991,
(iv) Traffic Management Act 2004,
(v) The Road User Charging (Charges and Penalty Charges) (London) Regulations 2001 (vi) Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
and any other relevant legislation. The Hirer/Renter is to pay a fee/service charge – normally £49.95 for each PCN issued to the vehicle during the rental period processed in accordance with the legislation and supplementary regulations governing the transfer of liability to the Hirer.

GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS – GDPR Check our Data policy below process and managed according to the six data protection principles.
(i) Processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently.
(ii) Collected only for specific legitimate purposes.
(iii) Adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary.
(iv) Must be accurate and kept up to date.
(v) Stored only as long as is necessary.
(vi) Ensure appropriate security, integrity, and confidentiality.

INSURANCE | provided is UK mandatory cover except where the renter has elected to provide his insurance evidenced in the Customers Own Insurance (COI) box on the face of the agreement. Renter participates as an insured under the Owner’s vehicle insurance policy and agrees to observe the terms & conditions thereof. The certificate of insurance is available on request at £1,600 (ADXS) per incident applies unless a waiver fee of £15.00 per day is paid, reducing liability to £395 ADXS per incident.

HEALTH ACT (2006) specifies no smoking in company (rental) vehicles – if that vehicle is used primarily for business purposes by more than one person. Our vehicles are deemed business vehicles. There is a TOTAL prohibition on smoking in any CitiRental Vehicle. If smoking residue is found – the vehicle will be sent for professional cleaning. Fee £175.00
The laws of England govern this agreement. Terms & Conditions may be varied or modified without notice.

VEHICLE DELIVERY/COLLECTION of the vehicle for any reason costs £375 + £0.45 per mile to Swiss Cottage (round trip) covered.

ADDITIONAL PROMOTIONAL TERMS & CONDITIONS. Discounts and reductions are only available for
(i) New reservations and can be claimed only at time of booking. A hard/printed copy of the promotion must be handed to the Owner at the time of signing the agreement, providing evidence of the promotion at any other time renders the offer/promotion void.
(ii) Applies to the cost of rental only to exclusion of supplementary charges, additional miles, optional extras, damage fees and waivers.
(iii) Renters must meet all the Owner’s qualifications, standards, requirements, terms and conditions of CitiRental hire agreements.
(iv) Rental period and return conditions apply.
(v) Any offer may not be combined with any other promotion.
(vi) Owner reserves the right to modify and/or cancel any offers without prior notice.

Renter is required to:
(i) always lock the Vehicle and secure all its parts when it is left unattended.
(ii) not let anyone work on the Vehicle without Owner’s express written permission. If Owner grants such permission, Owner will only give Renter a refund if Renter provides a receipt for the work performed.
(iii) check oil, AdBlue and water levels and tyre conditions and pressure at regular intervals during the Rental Period.
(iv) stop using the Vehicle as soon as possible and contact Owner as soon as Renter becomes aware of any fault with or malfunction of the Vehicle. Renter must consider any warning lights that may appear on the dashboard of the Vehicle.
(v) bring the Vehicle back to the agreed return location specified in the Rental Agreement Summary at the end of the Rental Period in the same condition as it was when it was handed over by Owner according to the condition description on the Rental Agreement Summary except for any usual wear and tear. A member of Owner’s staff will inspect the Vehicle to check the condition of the Vehicle. When returning the Vehicle to the return location during business hours, Renter will remain responsible for the Vehicle and its condition until the inspection is completed or for one (1) hour after its return, whichever is the shorter period. If Renter is permitted to return the Vehicle to the CitiRental return location outside of business hours, Renter remains responsible for the Vehicle and its condition until it is inspected by a member of Owner’s staff within 2 hours of the start of the next business day. If Renter chooses not to leave the Vehicle at the Owners location, Renter remains responsible for the Vehicle and its condition until it is inspected by a member of Owner’s staff.
(vi) check that Renter has not left any personal belongings in the Vehicle before Renter returns the Vehicle.
(vii) pay any administrative fines, fees, charges, costs, penalties, or other fines that are imposed, issued or incurred in connection with the Renter’s usage of the Vehicle during the Rental Period (including usage of the Vehicle by Authorised Drivers or other third parties who are permitted by Renter to use the Vehicle), such as fines or fees for illegal parking or speeding, non-compliance with bus lane, congestion charges, tolls or violations of the rules of the highway or traffic offence or contravention in any country, in all cases, to the extent permitted by law and not caused by Owner
(viii) where the vehicle requires fuel, to use nothing other than the appropriate fuel as indicated in the Vehicle; and
(ix) not to unseal or tamper with the mileage indicator.

Terms and conditions updated 19th October 2023

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